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These girls are from my fanfiction, "Etxarren", for one of my fav animes of all time, NOIR. I amped up Mireille and Kirika's outfits while trying to maintain their iconic yet simple clothes and color palette. I have 2 more characters to draw, Audriane Dupont and Sakuya Takagi.

Synopsis: A school massacre. Two survivors. Noir trains the next generation in order to be "freed from the title of Noir".…

Gretchen puddicombe riki color

"Riki Araki", 11x17, Photoshop, micron pen. My original character to my Noir fanfiction, "Etxarren".

Gretchen puddicombe kirika color

"Kirika Yumura", 17x11, Photoshop, micron pen, one of the 2 original protagonists from the anime, Noir.

Gretchen puddicombe mireille color

"Mireille Bouquet", 11x17, Photoshop, micron pen. One of the two original heroines of the anime, Noir.