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MIDNIGHTERS (senior thesis)

Micron pen; digitally colored. My character sheets for my in-progress and life-time story, "Midnighters".

Gretchen puddicombe frame

Vel finds herself stuck between two powerful parkour forces: the secret courier Sprinters, and the aspiring parkour police, inFLUX. Which will turn Sun Shard City into a crime-free city?

Gretchen puddicombe final vel

"Velocity Pane", aka "Vel", the protagonist. (I updated her look; changed her face and made her ponytail braided).

Gretchen puddicombe vel expressions 1

Vel is 21, athletic, and good-looking, yet fun, curious, yet brusque. Takes pride in her parkour skills because it’s the only thing she’s good at in life, making her self-conscious of her weaknesses in her people skills and life in general.

Gretchen puddicombe vel expressions 2

Vel has friends, just not anyone close. This makes her selectively sweet toward certain people, but resorts to sarcastic battles to avoid conflict or expressing how she feels. She doesn’t like to stop moving, so rants will bore her.

Gretchen puddicombe vel gestures

Vel's parkour gestures, to suggest her intensity, stealth, and skill.

Gretchen puddicombe final nahlah

"Nahlah Zarazoga," Vel's love interest, inFLUX's masseuse. I updated her body type, attire, and clothes.

Gretchen puddicombe nahlah expressions

Nahlah expressions, which I plan to update to match her new look. She is of mixed race, mainly Hispanic and a bit of Brazilian.

Gretchen puddicombe mexican figurines colored

"Nahlah's gift" to Vel. I chose the second from the left as the final piece.

Gretchen puddicombe final kibou

"Kibou", Vel's best friend.

Gretchen puddicombe kibou expressions

Kib expressions.

Gretchen puddicombe final teel

"Ross Teel", Vel's mentor, who uses his multiple maintenance/janitor jobs to secretly hide courier tubes throughout Sun Shard City.

Gretchen puddicombe new teel expresssions

Teel expressions.

Gretchen puddicombe final dwell

"Dean Well" aka "Dwell", the former leader of the Skinners, Kib's gang. He helps Vel remember why she loves parkour, and becomes her new mentor/friend.

Gretchen puddicombe dwell expressions 2

Dwell expressions

Gretchen puddicombe shard sisters color 4

"The Shard Sisters", 11x17, micron pen and Photoshop. The legendary parkour renegades of Sun Shard City, whom inFLUX hunts for! Sisters Miku and Miho.

Gretchen puddicombe final tony

"Tony Canon", one of the elite of inFLUX.

Gretchen puddicombe final boone

"Boone, the Parkour Dog", Tony's companion.

Gretchen puddicombe boone 1

Boone explorations

Gretchen puddicombe boone 2
Gretchen puddicombe boone 3
Gretchen puddicombe final pepper

"Pepper Heartson", the psychologist/recruiter for inFLUX.

Gretchen puddicombe final reagan

"Reagan Coleman", one of the fastest elites of inFLUX.

Gretchen puddicombe influx suits

The inFLUX elites.

Gretchen puddicombe props 1 color

"Nahlah's Plants". She likes to garden on her greenroof to color up the urban Sun Shard City.

Gretchen puddicombe props 3 color

Nahlah's gardening tools.

Gretchen puddicombe props 2 color

Nahlah's gardening tools, plus the "Wheely-Handy" that shaves off calluses for those who garden or parkour.