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Gretchen Puddicombe
Gretchen Puddicombe
Character Designer
Stowe, United States


Even before my parents adopted me from the Philippines, I was always drawing; I preferred a blank piece of paper over a coloring book. Throughout childhood, I always looked forward to drawing emotional Xmas gifts for family, or watching friends laugh over my mini-comics in their birthday cards. This didn't exclude my obsession in drawing my favorite Disney/videogame characters repeatedly (and handing them out to my 5th grade classmates). My constant theme of action and adventure came from my passion for parkour and Ninja Warrior, and my variety of interesting characters came from my fellow athletes or everyday people I befriended. My style was highly influenced by animated series like The Last Airbender, Urbance, Disney's Tron: Uprising, or in general, anime, videogames, Disney, Dreamworks, and Pixar.

I truly enjoy nothing more than character design, because I feel like a story cannot exist without a relatable character. I get pleasantly lost in the process of coming up with their name, ethnicity, and personality--and how their background story affects their culture, attire, motives, etc. My designs demonstrate my constant observation of variety. Their shapes, expressions, and various line-work bring to life gesture and vivacious personality that match their story backgrounds. Highly influenced by Disney's rules of shape and theme, my characters are in my own fluid style, yet with believable anatomy. This enables me to draw them quickly in storyboards and animatics, to get the story and emotions across.

I hope my characters affect people the same way people affect my characters.


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  • Coach - Little Ninjas at Regal Gymnastics Academy
    November 2017 - Present

    -Led and coached Little Ninjas class (ages 3-5).

    -Monitored the safety of Little Ninjas

    -Passed out homework relevant to movement learned in class.

    -Set up creative, new courses every week, and cleaned up mats after classes. -Communicated with students, parents, and co-workers alike on children’s development.

  • Caretaker at Cubs Childcare at Stowe Mountain Resort
    November 2017 - Present

    -Monitored and interacted with Toddlers and Pre-K, indoors and outdoors. -Prepped and fed snacks and lunch.

    -Changed diapers.

    -Put to sleep during Nap, in cribs or on sleeping mats.

    -Cleaned up at the end of day.

    -Effectively communicated with parents and co-workers alike.

  • Creative Intern at Zimmerman Advertising Agency
    Fort Lauderdale, United States of America
    May 2013 - August 2013

    • Developed storyboards for collaborative commercial pitch to client Extended Stay America Hotel

    • Rotated through the departments for Strategy, Account Service, Automotive Retail, Media-Planning, Media Buying, Traffic, StudioZ, and Nissan

    • Designed book cover for “infuZion 2013 Internship Program” at Zimmerman