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Micron pen and digital coloring. My parkour friend commissioned me to turn him into a Dragon Ball Z character! I hope to do more with the parkour community that seemingly is obsessed with Dragon Ball Z (?). :D

Gretchen puddicombe final josh 2

"Josh Goes Super Saiyan!" 11x17, Photoshop, micron pen. This was requested after I drew a gift for him, which is below, because of the motorcycle accident he got into, hndering him from parkouring for a few months.

Gretchen puddicombe final jenya

"Jenya Goes Super Saiyan!" 11x17, Photoshop, micron pen. One of my parkour buddies requested this. I incorporated his favorite Dragon Ball Z character, Vegeta, into his parkour-themed clothes.

Gretchen puddicombe josh hill2

"Josh's Gift", Photoshop, micron pen. A quick drawing I did for my parkour buddy who got injured in a motorcycle accident.